GPS Vehicle Tracking Service
Easy to sell, Easy to support

Now, the most trusted name in alarm communications provides you with a fast, easy and highly profitable tracking solution to sell to your customers. UplinkGPS is a natural way to offer security for your residential or commercial customers beyond traditional boundaries.

Uplink’s fully hosted cloud-based solution allows you to be in the GPS tracking business in minutes – not months! From our reseller website, you will be able to activate tracking devices and service for your customers, and manage your new GPS tracking business.

UplinkGPS tracking devices are sold at leading alarm product distributors. You set the sales price and monthly rate for your customers, and you provide the billing and customer support. Uplink provides the rest!

Your customers will use a website or their smart-phone branded with your logo to track and manage their vehicles. There are a number of easy to use options such as view all vehicle locations, click-to-locate, receive email notifications for violations of speed, alert zones, view history and export reports. There are even notifications for ignition events during selected time periods.

It's Easy and it's your Brand!

  • Purchase UplinkGPS products at leading alarm distributors.
  • Increase your product sales & generate Recurring Monthly Revenue
  • You set the monthly rates, you bill your customers - just like monthly alarm monitoring service.
  • Set up your Dealer account on our secure online Dealer portal.
  • Activate new tracking units online from a computer or web-enabled cell phone. Uplink will bill you monthly for service.
  • Your customer will login to, or you can create a branded login form on a page in your website.
  • Your customer is presented with easy-to-use mapping software featuring your company name, logo, and contact information.
  • Your customer can setup notifications for zone violations, ignition events, speed alerts, setup additional user logins, and more.

UplinkGPS auto & autoPro

Provide the following benefits to your customers with UplinkGPS GPS tracking devices for vehicles:
  • Locate or monitor teen and elderly drivers for enhanced peace of mind.
  • Locate and recover missing vehicles.
  • Manage company vehicles and employees more efficiently.
  • Monitor for unauthorized use of vehicles.

UplinkGPS auto is a small vehicle-powered GPS device. It simply plugs into the OBD port found on the bottom edge of the dashboard of most vehicles manufactured since 1996 - eliminating installation challenges found in traditional tracking devices. It can also be switched between vehicles to provide the ultimate in flexibility.

UplinkGPS autoPRO is a miniature vehicle-powered GPS device intended for professional permanent mounting under the dash with electrical connections to vehicle power and ignition.

Saver Plan Basic Plan Advanced PlanPremium Plan
 Click to Locate

(max 30/month)
 Click to Locate
 Track every 5 minutes while ignition on Track every 2 minutes while ignition on
  Track Now – every 5 minutes for one hour Click to Locate
 Click to Locate
  Ignition On and Off Reporting Ignition On and Off Reporting Ignition On and Off Reporting
 Daily Heartbeat Daily Heartbeat Daily Heartbeat Daily Heartbeat
  Three Alert Zones with email notifications Three Alert Zones with email notifications Five Alert Zones with email notifications
  One Speed Alert with email notifications One Speed Alert with email notifications One Speed Alert with email notifications
  Schedule notifications
 Schedule notifications
 Schedule notifications
  GPS Lock – power restoral GPS Lock – power restoral GPS Lock – power restoral
 Low Battery Alert Low Battery Alert Low Battery Alert Low Battery Alert
 60 days history 60 days history 60 days history 60 days history
   Stop ReportsStop Reports
   Trip Reports (includes miles) Trip Reports (includes miles)
    Idle Reports

Talk to your distributor today about how you can take advantage of the easiest way to drive new sales and recurring revenue through UplinkGPS tracking solutions. To become a dealer, click here.