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Want to grow your business?

The 5500EZ can be used in Industrial Monitoring!

“By adding industrial monitoring to our product offering, our gross annual revenue from full service monitoring is over $300,000, and our monthly net revenue has increased by $30,000!”

-Art Stone, Stone Technologies

The 5500EZ and 5500EZCN (Canadian model) for non-security applications is a new use of Uplink’s wireless monitoring technology for industrial monitoring and control of machines, systems, lights, generators and more. The number of use cases is almost limitless, and provides alarm partners with another source of revenue – perfect for those looking to vastly increase their number of deployments to supplement their traditional security monitoring business.

How does it work?
The 5500EZ and 5500EZCN provides notification that a connected device has had a change in state. Simply connect your sensor(s) to the 5500EZ or 5500EZCN to monitor functions and Uplink delivers the data wherever you need it to go.

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Case Study

Learn how Stone Technologies uses the 5500EZ for industrial monitoring like radio tower monitoring, sewer lift stations, and backup power generator monitoring, to increase revenue and expand their offering beyond traditional alarm monitoring.
Open New Revenue Streams and Business Opportunities

Open New Revenue Streams and Business Opportunities

Uplink Partners now have significant opportunity with the 5500EZ and 5500EZCN to grow their business in non-security applications. Uplink business development can help partners understand how and where they can increase their monthly recurring revenue, which helps you broaden your base of business and create new revenue streams.

Sewer lift stations

Commonly Reported Events

  • Overflow
  • AC phase failure
  • Total power failure
  • Injured worker reporting


Commonly Reported Events

  • Temp hi low
  • Feed empty
  • Irrigation pump flow
  • Fish pond aeration
  • Water level in field

Generator Power

Commonly Reported Events

  • A/C power failure
  • Phase failure
  • Generator running
  • Generator low oil

Sports and Safety Lighting

Commonly Reported Events

  • FAA compliance- lights on towers
  • Sports lighting- tennis courts, fields, parks
  • Safety lighting- emergency exit lights

Mechanical Chillers and Freezers

Commonly Reported Events

  • Cooling and humidity
  • System overload
  • System failure
  • Over speed

Industrial Systems Control

Commonly Reported Events

  • On/Off functionality
  • Emergency shut down
  • Warning siren/lights
  • Open/close gates doors
  • Reset equipment

Contact Us to Learn More

Contact Us to Learn More