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A trucking company’s high-end tractor trailer was stolen out of a shipping yard in New Jersey. The thieves drove the truck 30 miles to a non-descript warehouse where they housed stolen merchan- dise. With great precision, they unloaded the merchandise, drove back to the shipping yard and stole a second load. When employees of the shipping yard arrived for work the next morning, they noted the missing merchandise and an all-points bulletin was issued.shutterstock_23799985

Experts say two-and-a-half loads of cargo theft occur every day in the U.S., the highest ever on record. According to FreightWatch International’s annual report on cargo theft in the U.S., 951 inci- dents occurred throughout the country in 2013. The report confirmed that the last two years have seen the highest levels of cargo theft incidents on record in the U.S.

This rise in cargo theft is costly to merchandise owners and insurers alike. SouthWest Transporta- tion Security Council, a nonprofit industry group that represents more than 200 freight-shipping companies, estimates that the average loss in each cargo theft is $350,000, not including the cost of the truck.

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